Compry Recovery – Leg Sleeves


Get yourself an extra set of Recovery leg sleeves.
These legs are suitable for the Compry Recovery  system.

Learn more about the leg sleeves

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Learn more about the Compry Recovery Leg sleeves

The Compry Recovery leg sleeves are the same sleeves as the ones you get when buying the full Compry Recovery system. However, sometimes we get asked if it’s possible to get both a Medium and a Large pair of leg sleeves.

Thats why you can now buy a second pair of Compry Recovery leg sleeves. If you are <1.65m we recommend to buy the Medium. If you are >1.65m or have long legs please get the Large.

If you don’t have the system yet, please take a look here. You need that system for these leg sleeves.


Our arterial blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to every muscle cell in our body and the venous system removes metabolic waste like carbon dioxide and lactic acid out of our muscles. The latter, so the removal of metabolic waste, is far more difficult because of gravity (hydrostatic pressure), as well as that the cardiac compression of the heart in the venous system is far less powerful than the copmressive force in the arterial part of the blood circulation.

However, Compry Recovery increases the venous blood flow and therefore helps removing metabolic waste products out of the muscles. By delivering pneumatic pressure (compression by air) from distal to proximal, so from far away from the heart towards the heart, the venous blood flow increases. Compry Recovery squeezes your legs section by section in intervals from your feet towards the buttocks. The chambers inflate one after another from the ankle to the calf, toward the knee and thigh. This speeds up your recovery, relieves muscle pain and improves your performance.


  • Your own personal masseur
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple programmes
  • Multiple compression levels
  • Active recovery
  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Decreases muscle fatigue
  • Improves your performance
  • Maximum recovery inbetween workouts and races
Compry Recovery Compression Therapy Luc Schouten

“As a physiotherapist of the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation, we use the Herzog Compry Recovery to support the recovery of our athletes. We mainly use the Compry Recovery to promote the recovery process after travel days, heavy training sessions and competitions.”

Luc Schout
Physiotherapist Atletiekunie (Royal Dutch Athletics Federation)

Did you know... That it is possible to rent the system first?

We understand that it’s a big investment if you haven’t tried the Compry Recovery systems before. That’s why it’s possible to rent the system first. The rental price starts at €60,00 ex VAT a week.

When you decide to keep the system we will waive the rental fee and you only have to pay the purchase price.

Did you know... Top cycling teams use Compry Recovery?

Teams like Alpecin Fenix, Team DSM and SD Worx bring their own Compry Recovery systems along with them on training camps, and to races. They use this system to get a deep tissue massage while on the road, but also use Herzog PRO Compression socks to get the best recovery in such a short time.

Did you know... You can order a second pair of leg sleeves?

In some situations it’s useful to have both the M and L size legs, but what if you only need one system? We got you! It is possible to order a second pair of leg sleeves without having to buy the whole system again.

So now you can enjoy a daily massage, along with your (training)partner.