Working Principle

Compry Recovery takes your recovery to the next level

The system increases your blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness and gives you fresh legs faster. Integrate a daily Herzog recovery session into your training plan and maximize your performance.

How does Compry Recovery work

With Compry Recovery you always have your own masseur at hand: at home, on the road or on the sports field. After your training, you slide into the boots and zip them right up. After that, you choose the desired massage program and the level of compression on the control unit or with the remote control.

Pneumatic compression technology has been used in medicine for years. The Compry Recovery system is designed to increase your blood flow, remove lactic acid, relieve muscle soreness and improve your athletic performance.

The working principle

Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, the Compry Recovery speeds up the recovery. It enhances the blood flow and transports waste fluid out of the muscles.

Compry Recovery consists of two large inflatable legs controlled by a computer. Each leg has multiple chambers which can be inflated distally to proximally, from ankle to knee, up towards the heart. The chambers can be inflated independently from each other, this allows a slow pressure build up from the ankle to the calf, towards the knee and thigh.

You can even choose compression on the whole of the leg or concentrate on compression on one segment of the leg.
The pressure is adjustable in three different programmes and has four different compression levels. You could compare the highest level with the effect of a deep tissue massage by a masseur.

The lightweight Compry Recovery device is like your ‘personal masseur’ which you can easily bring with you: on the go, at home or on the sports field.

Scientific research studies

Dynamic compression improves recovery of elite athletes

“Dynamic compression enhances pressure-to-pain threshold in elite athlete recovery: exploratory study.” Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2015 May; 29 (5): 1263-72

“The purpose of this study was to assess peristaltic pulse dynamic compression (PPDC) in lowering the short-term pressure-to-pain threshold (PPT) in Olympic Training Center athletes after morning exercise. […] We conclude that PPDC is a promising tool in speeding up recovery and enhancing intensive training of Olympic and aspiring Olympic athletes. ”

Read the full research here

Peristaltic pulse compression of human muscle tissue

“Peristaltic pulse compression upregulates pgc-1α and enos in human muscle tissue.” Experimental Physiology 2015 May 15

“We investigated whether 60 minutes of whole leg treatment with lower pressure external pneumatic compression (EPC) altered vascular, metabolic, antioxidant and inflammation-related mRNAs. […] Treatment on EPC temporarily regulates PGC-1α. mRNA also up-regulates eNOS protein and NOx concentrations in the vastus lateralis biopsy samples. ”

Read the full research here

Peristaltic pulse compression improves flexibility

“Peristaltic pulse compression of the lower extremity enhances flexibility.” Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2014 Apr; 28 (4): 1058-64

This study explored the effects of peristaltic pulse dynamic compression (PPDC) on range of motion (ROM) changes in forward splits. […] PPDC offers a way to improve ROM quickly and requires less energy and time. ”

Read the full research here

Extra information

If you are in a hurry, you can go for a short, effective session. Do you have the time? You will probably find yourself wanting to doze off while the system does its work.

For something so powerful, both systems are amazingly compact. The systems are lightweight and therefore easy to take anywhere. Both systems come with a handy bag, in which you can put the system and legs.

Still some doubts?

If you’re not keen on making the purchase immediately, it’s also possible to rent a Compry Recovery system. Please contact us for more rental information.