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Compry Recovery is well known in the world of sports medicine. The system is recommended by physiotherapists and highly regarded sport medics. Compry Recovery is also used by the medical team of various professional sports teams. Physical therapists who work with elite athletes on a daily basis promote their athletes to use the system after every work out. The Compry Recovery uses dynamic compression to enhance the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs after an intense workout. It’s an easy way to recover faster

D.Sc. Ingrid Paul

Doctor of Elite Sports Medicine, Hospital Gelderse Vallei

Since my job as national coach for the Canadian ice skating Team during the Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010, I have been familiar with the pneumatic compression of Herzog Medical. We loved it! The compression device mimics the normal physiology of the body really well. Compry Recovery uses external dynamic compression. This ensures that the waste fluids are removed more quickly via the veins and lymph vessels. This allows our athletes to recover faster after heavy efforts. We scored super during the Games in 2010 and that was partly due to optimal recovery after races and tough training sessions.

Luc Schout

Physiotherapist Atletiekunie (Royal Dutch Athletics Federation)

As physiotherapist of the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation, we use the Herzog Compry Recovery to support the recovery of our athletes. We mainly use the Compry Recovery to promote the recovery process after travel days, heavy training sessions and competitions.

Narelle Neumann

Head of Performance Team DSM (professional cyclist team)

Compry Recovery is a key part of our teams recovery strategy during high intensity and busy stage races, where this massage therapy is quickly and easily available to riders during bus transfers or in the hotels.”

Geert van der Heiden

Sports physiotherapist professional soccer team Almere City FC

As the physiotherapist of the professional soccer team Almere City FC, I work daily with top athletes who ask the maximum of their body’s. With our medical competence we try to support our players as much as possible. This is also the reason why we work with Herzog Medical and added the Compry Recovery to our recovery protocols. The players use the recovery systems independently in the physiotherapy room. The systems are always available, it takes no effort to slip the recovery boots on and they are being used a lot on a daily basis. We mainly use the Compry Recovery to accelerate the removal of waste products. Because of the dynamic pressure it’s a perfect way to boost the recovery and to make sure our players are fresh for the next training or competition.

The new Compry Recovery PRO, with the 6-chambers, easy to set preferences, increased mercury pressure and the tough appearance, offers a great addition to our rehab room.

Dannie Snijder

Physiotherapist and owner of ‘Physiosportief Groningen’, former prof. cyclist, works with a lot of Dutch professional (middle) distance runners

Recovery is a necessity for athletes, a pillar of top training programs, and a way for all athletes to reach their full potential and maintain a competitive edge. It’s my believe nutrition, sleep, stretching and compression therapy are important ingredients when it comes to optimal recovery. Compry Recovery brings major benefits for athletes recovering from their training. I recommend elite athletes and fanatic recreational sporters to use the system after intense training sessions. It’s also smart to use the system for only 15-20 minutes at medium intensity prior to a workout: it increases the circulation, reduces muscle stiffness and enhances muscle performance.

Maarten Hindriks

General Physiotherapist specializing in: sports-related injuries, manual therapy, dry needling

As a professional long distance athlete and physical therapist/manual therapist, I know the importance of rest and recovery. For the elite, as well as for the recreational runner, the performance improvement does not take place during training, but rather during periods of rest. The better and faster the recovery, the sooner the next workout can take place. Easy formula right?

However, the actual implementation of this formula tends to be quite tough… From my own experience I know how difficult it is, to get your average 8 hours of sleep after an intense workout and long work day. It’s not surprising that only a fit and well recovered body can handle two training sessions a day. This is where Compry Recovery can bring huge benefits.

It’s my believe that the use of Compry Recovery, in addition to a healthy sleeping pattern, can make a significant contribution to a faster recovery. With only 15-20 minutes in the Compry Recovery, you are able to give your blood circulation a considerable boost. Besides the improved blood circulation, my athletes experience less muscle soreness and stiffness!

Still some doubts?

If you’re not keen on making the purchase immediately, it’s also possible to rent a Compry Recovery system. Please contact us for more rental information.