How much compression does the system give?

The Compry Recovery has four different compression levels, while the Compry Recovery PRO system has six levels. The compression variates between 60 – 200 Hg.

The Compry Recovery PRO+ has 25 different compression levels, going up to 250 mmHG. This way there is a compression level for each and everyone.

Which size do I need for the PRO+?

For the correct size of the Compression legs you can use the following information:

To determine the correct size, it is important that the leg length is measured. Leg length is measured from heel to groin.

  • Small: > 85cm
  • Medium: 86-105 cm
  • Large: < 106 cm

Be aware that the above mentioned sizes are an indication. Each person can find a different size to be better for there own body. Please use the above mentioned sizes as an indication.

Are the systems wireless?

The Compry Recovery PRO comes with a wireless battery pack. You don’t need a wall outlet for the PRO and can use this on the road, next to the track of wherever you are. When the battery pack is empty you can use an outlet so you can still enjoy the benefits of the Compry Recovery PRO.

The Compry Recovery system always needs a wall outlet to work.

What is the difference between the Compry Recovery and the Compry Recovery PRO?
There are a few differences but the biggest ones are:

  • The Compry Recovery PRO has 6 compression chambers while the Compry Recovery has 4 chambers;
  • With the Compry Recovery PRO you can choose between four different programmes and skip specific chambers, while the Compry Recovery has three programmes and no option to skip chambers;
  • The Compry Recovery PRO is wireless with a separate battery pack;
  • The Compry Recovery PRO lets you select a time for the massage (10-20-30-45min), whereas the Compry Recovery only has a 15 minute program.
Can I try the system first?
It is possible to rent the Compry Recovery for €60,- a week and the Compry Recovery PRO for €75,- a week, per system. When you decided to keep the system we will wave the rent charge of that system and you only have to pay the purchase costs. For more information, please send an email to info@herzogmedical.com
I have the Compry Recovery, can I buy the PRO legs?
Unfortunately that is not possible. Because of the difference in chambers (4 vs 6) the connector of the Compry Recovery PRO legs will only connect to the PRO system. The same goes for the Compry Recovery legs. You can only use the Compry Recovery legs with the Compry Recovery system.
Which size do I need?
For the correct size of the Compression legs you can use the following information:

  • < 1.65m Medium
  • > 1.65m Large

If you are <1.65m but have long legs, please look into getting the Large.

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