Recover like a PRO

These professional athletes are great at their sport because they have spent thousands of hours learning and honing their skills. They train hard, ask a lot of their bodies and aren’t afraid to push through mental barriers. With the help of Compry Recovery they can now take their recovery to the next level.

Jorien ter Mors

Fabian Florant

Sarah Lahti

Yara Kastelijn

Maureen Koster

Kjeld Nuis

Jorien ter Mors

Multiple Olympic Champion Ice skating

“An important device during my recovery is the Compry Recovery, my so-called ‘personal masseur’. This system ensures good blood flow and because of the compression I notice that my legs recover faster and feel less tired. Due to the compactness of the device, I can also easily take it with me on competitions and training camps.

In short, Herzog Medical is an ideal addition to my training schedule for my recovery and improvement of my performance. “